Sunday, November 6, 2016

franken-polish "Laughing Aspen"

Happy Fall-Back Day!  No matter how many times it happens, I still find this day so bewildering.  It's such a strange thing to do, really.

I've been very much into the seasonal vibe when I've been frankening so far, and one of my favorite things about autumn are yellow aspen leaves!  We don't have terribly many aspen or birch or poplars right here in Western Montana, but I treasure the golden autumn laughter of each one.  Aspen are my very favorite trees, and I've been stockpiling an improbably long list of polish ideas inspired by their autumnal state alone.  This is my first attempt, guided and inspired by the image below!

"Autumn Gold" by Adam Schallau

>>> Laughing Aspen <<<

This turned out to be a trickier inspiration to evoke than I expected!  I timidly started with golden yellow and winks of bright turquoise, and with my boyfriend's encouragement bravely added some cantaloupe orange glitters... so much better!  Sprinkle in some white for the aspen bark, and the Color Frenzy's jubilee of aqua, orange, and light green hex/bar glitters, and boom, the polish immediately adopted the scintillating depth of the gilded tree canopy.  It's a fundamental art lesson that I'd almost forgotten in my anxiety to not mess up the polish: you must look for the color that is THERE, not the one that you expect!

In future aspen polishes I think I might try some gold metallic glitters; if I'd used this inspiration photo another day (such as today), I might have done so.  I'm glad that when I was making this, though, I decided to stick to pearl and matte glitters.  I think their bright clarity really expresses the joy and vitality of this autumn landscape!


1/4 bottle of  Zoya "Daisy"
1/8 bottle of  Sephora Formula X "Highlighter"
1/8 bottle of  Sephora Formula X "Crash"
tad of  Sephora Formula X "Firecracker"
dash of  Sinful Colors CitrusTwist "Ring the Bellini"
1/8 bottle of  SpaRitual Matte Top Effect "Citrine Luminary"
tad of  Maybelline Color Show Jewels "Precious Pearl"
tad of  Essence Colour & Go "Wanna Be Your Sunshine"
dash of  TKB Trading Mermaid Collection "Blue Diamonds"
pinch of  Sally Hansen Color Frenzy "Paint Party"

   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ♥️ <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 

Have you ever created something, and later been surprised/impressed that you came up with it?  I had this experience just now, obviously, and also a couple weeks ago when my mother randomly exhumed some of my elementary school poetry.  I barely remember writing it, and a lot of it was silly/rubbishy, but some of the ideas and observations surprised me.  I wonder if I could come up with them again, even now!  Imagination is wonderful like that.

Let's go surprise ourselves, shall we?



  1. Wow, this looks so much like Carpe noctem's Flounder! Have you seen that?

    1. Holy cow, I HADN'T seen that! You're right, the yellow base and blue glitters bear an uncanny resemblance. It's also a strange coincidence that Carpe Noctem is one of the few brands that uses vintage-inspired octagonal bottles, and also a flattened teardrop bottle for their medium size which by the way was my second choice... :O Spooky!!!

      After they dropped off Etsy I actually thought that Carpe Noctem was no longer in business, but when I was looking for franken bottles I remembered their beautiful retro faceted ones and wouldn't settle until I found them :) :) :) I'm so glad to be re-introduced to them, thank you Karyn!! xoxo

    2. Love Carpe Noctem! Her somewhat recent polish 'because she danced to space jam' is super pretty too.