Monday, November 7, 2016

franken-polish "Fireside Dreaming"

For my very first frankens, I relied heavily on creative prompts such as favorite books and Pinterest boards for inspiration.  I found that an image helped guide my selections amongst the hundreds of polishes that I've given up to frankening, a task which was rather overwhelming at first.  I've also found that it tends to make those frankens more complicated, with more components, which I wouldn't have expected.

Then, about a couple weeks in, something I'd hoped for starting happening: I started to flow into my frankening, making a polish purely from creative impulse.  They didn't come from anywhere, and yet they did: they reflected the amalgamation of my moods and memories from the day or week or month or year, a translation into color and sparkle.  I find it to be a freer, looser, somewhat more relaxing way of creating; there are no constraints, no benchmarks, no right or wrong answers!  Sometimes it's fun to create something just for the joy of creating it.  This franken was one of those. :)

>>> Fireside Dreaming <<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ♥️ <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

I'm not exactly sure why I thought that a light minty aqua would go well with a blackened maroon shimmer base, but I'm happy for it!  I was surprised and delighted with this one turned out: a moody desaturated teal with rosewood shimmer and some wayward rainbow glitters!  It reminded me of shimmering smoke and cold autumn air and wanderlust...


1/3 bottle of  Sinful Colors "Mint Apple"
1/4 bottle of  OPI "Muir Muir On The Wall"
pinch of  TKB Trading Planetary Collection "Travel to Pluto" 
1/4 bottle of  (mystery silver/rainbow glitter with purple shimmer)
1/8 bottle of  Icing "Frost Yourself"
smidgen of  Wonder Beauty "Prismatic Platinum Illusion Powder"
1/8 bottle of  Finger Paints "Colorful Collage"

   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ♥️ <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 



I don't think you guys have met my precious fur-babies yet!  We adopted Elsa last fall and then Mirabelle this past summer.  Elsa is a 15-month-old husky/lab (wolf?), and Mirabelle is a 9-month-old Great Pyrenees/Corgi.  They are the bestest puppy friends and their very favorite thing is woodland adventuring!  Look how happy!!  ♥️



  1. Love these doggie pics! Mirabelle has such beautiful lashes! Now if you're anything like me, your pups have all kinds of nicknames. I want to hear 'em, spill!

    That's a beautiful polish, Marisa, the base color is very you! Love those tiny bright red/orange/pink/magenta glitters.

    1. You noticed! They both have these amazing feathery white-blonde lashes and it's so striking.

      Oh goodness, we do have quite an assortment of nicknames- mostly of Kellen's invention, most of which I try to resist, though occasionally I will accidentally use one (argh!).

      Elsa >>> Stinkpot, Elsa Von Stinkpot, Tooterton, Big Girl, Little Miss (very common when she was a puppy, obsolete since Mirabelle's arrival), Elsabelle, etc.

      Mirabelle >>> Von Toots, Little Girl, MEE-ra-BEEeeelllle! (which I sing in an exaggerated Italian-type vibrato), Mud Puppy (when her belly is covered in dirt), Mirabelsa, etc.

      I KNOW they have more, I shall have to think on this!!!

    2. OMG I forgot so many! Kellen had been informing me.

      Elsa >>> Stinkpot Anonymous, Stink-a-potamus, Moon Wolf, Wolf Pup (can't believe I forgot the wolf ones, I call her those all the time), Snow/Ice Queen (infrequently but occasionally)

      Mirabelle >>> Little Toots, Rooter total, Belvedere (courtesy of my dad, who couldn't remember her name at first), Little Devil (courtesy of my mom), Mirabelle

      Then of course there are all of the usual ones: honey, honeybee, sweet pea, sweetie pie, etc :) With all of their nicknames, it's amazing they know their real names at all!

    3. *this is to say, Kellen HAS been informing me ;)

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    1. Thank you, Karyn!! I fear my photos don't quite do it justice but it really is an interesting one <3