Monday, October 31, 2016

franken-polish "Pumpkin Juice" {inspired by Harry Potter}

BOO!!!  It's been a while.  A year and a month and a week and a day, or so.  I wasn't actually planning on blogging again, truth be told.  I posted my last post three days before I bought my house, and everything just got wilder from there.  It's been an astonishing year!  A lot of things have changed, but my love of polish and color and wonderment hasn't.  I did discover a different angle on it, though, and that's what brings me back here.

My third Helmer was overflowing (I know, I know), and I had all this drugstore/mainstream/dupes/etc. polish that wasn't getting enough love.  I wondered, could they be upcycled, rediscovered, reborn?  I had long dreamed of creating my own lacquers...  And thus, yet another craftsy obsession ignited my imagination.

The frankening bug has hit me hard these past few weeks since I started.  I've made over forty frankens already... jeepers!  Halloween seems an appropriate occasion to debut my first franken polish monster, so without further ado...

>>> Pumpkin Juice <<<

This was one of the first polishes I envisioned when I decided to start frankening.  Inspired by the favored beverage of witches and wizards, and an omnipresent staple in the Great Hall of Hogwarts, my vision of "Pumpkin Juice" was complicated and contradictory, but I eventually found the right elements to make all my wild wishes come true: "Ring the Bellini" to make it juicy, "Seismic" to make it bright, "Calabaza" to make it rich, "Magic Brix" to make it earthy, "Frosting" to make it creamy, "Cheeky" to make it sweet, and "Hocus Pocus" to make it magical.  Somehow, it turned out exactly how I imagined!


1/3 bottle of  Sinful Colors Citrustwist "Ring the Bellini"
1/4 bottle of  Sephora Formula X "Seismic"
1/4 bottle of  Rainbow Honey "Calabaza"
dash of  Rainbow Honey "Magic Brix"
tad of  Orly "Frosting"
tad of  Orly "Cheeky"
dash of  Girly Bits "Hocus Pocus"

  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ♥️ <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 

Has anyone tried a pumpkin juice recipe that they love??  I've been meaning to try one... perhaps this last month of autumn will finally be the time!

Happy Halloween!!!



  1. This looks gorgeous, Marisa! How many frankens have you made so far?

    Amazon sells Harry Potter Wizarding World Pumpkin Juice for an insane price but apparently you can go to and order a 4 pack for $27.95. I found what looks to be a pretty good recipe at -- involves cooking, blending, straining, more blending, more straining. Too much for me, but perhaps your love of all things Harry Potter would motor you through the preparations.

    1. It's an unusual color, but I'm really pleased with how it turned out! The holo ended up being a little suppressed, though... note to add more next time :) Holo is funny like that in some bases, I've noticed, though even if it's not overtly noticeable it does add a certain ethereal glow that is very alluring in person! That effect is definitely there in "Pumpkin Juice", though I had a hard time capturing it in pictures.

      I've made almost fifty frankens by now... I have a lot of catch-up posting to do!! I'm also trying to sand/stain/finish cabinet doors right now too though so catching up might take a while, haha.

      HOLY COW yeah, I'm making my own! You're right, it might be a lot of work, but I'm zealous enough to try at least once ;)

  2. Nice to see you reappear! Say goodbye next time, eh? ;)

    1. Awww Karyn, this makes me so happy/sad! I was so conflicted about my decision to stop blogging for such a long time, and the only thing that made me feel halfway okay about it is that I honestly didn't think any but a couple people would even notice let alone care, haha. It makes me feel a) honored that I even had anyone to let down, and b) guilty that I did! Shucks.
      When I started frankening and considered reviving Tiny Twinklings, I thought long and hard about what had made blogging become burdensome before, and how I could edit/streamline the process to make it more enjoyable and *sustainable*. I'm hoping that refocusing on the parts I love most means that I'll be here to stay!! When the insane and unforeseen things in life happen again, though, and I have to take a break (temporarily or indefinitely), I hereby promise that I will NOT chicken out, and that I will be brave enough to say goodbye!! xoxo