Wednesday, July 29, 2015

WingDust Collections "Roads Untravelled"

Happy WingDust Wednesday, Twinklings!  (Didn't know this was a thing until just now but I'm pretty excited about it :D )  I'm back in the lower 48 with a few more untraveled Alaskan roads now traveled, and while it was all pretty flippin' fantastic, I gotta say, it's good to be home.  So now that I'm all vacation-ed out, I think it makes sense (??) that I feature all possible travel-themed indie polishes in this next sorta free but yet still busy week before I start my *big girl job*.  This darling one arrived in the mail while I was away, and the moment I clapped eyes on it I just couldn't resist wearing it first thing!

>> Roads Untravelled << 

"Roads Untravelled" is a driftwood taupe crelly swimming with matte, pearl, metallic, and holographic hex glitters in summery shades of pool, periwinkle, cerulean, and aruba teal blues; cool nautical neutrals of pelican gray and white; and finished with sizzling heatwave hues of molten bronze and gold, cantaloupe orange, and magenta and punch pinks.  Glimmering amongst the glitters, like sunlight sparkling on water, is a wash of blue-violet iridescent microflakie shimmer... because there really is no such thing as too much sparkle :)

"Roads Untravelled" applied beautifully: generous amounts of glitter with no fishing or placement necessary, and a pleasantly opaque crelly base that needed only one thin, one thick coat for me.  Everything flowed on evenly and easily, and I just really enjoyed painting and watching the magic unfold.  Set time was very fast and dry time not so far behind.  I finished this off with one coat of Rainbow Honey scented topcoat in "Twisted Ice Tea" because summer.

I believe that "Roads Untravelled" was released sometime early this spring 2015, or so I glean from Tia's charming WingDust review over at Iced Lacquer.  I picked this up on sale at Llarowe a few weeks ago, and lo, on sale it still remains!!  Wheee!

I'm not seeing it up on the Etsy shop at the moment, though happily there ARE the Wingy Tats of the gorgeous WingDust butterfly logo, and I am reminded that I have quite a few of these whimsical winged tattoos that I still need to try out!  Stephanie creates and ships from Toronto, Canada, and in case my fellow Americans were also momentarily confused, "untravelled" is indeed the proper British/Canadian spelling, and "untraveled" the American one, though my computer's spell check remains stubbornly skeptical ;)

WingDust Collections
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Speaking of roads (paths?) untraveled...
Exit Glacier, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

...this one no longer qualifies.  :)

Truth is, I've actually hiked this amazing nine mile trail four times now, and yet every single time has been so drastically different weather-wise that each time feels like the first time (feels the very first time!- sorry, honestly couldn't resist).  For example, this particular excursion was the first time that I've even been remotely able to wear a tank top at the summit, in the frigid face of the Harding Ice Fields.  Every other time it has been the absolute heart of winter up there, so this impossibly sunny day was a rare one indeed. 

I'm the crazy person on the left.

Even on roads traveled, it seems, you never truly know what lies ahead until you go see it for yourself.

Marisa + Sprinklepuff

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