Friday, July 31, 2015

Hare Polish "Desperately Seeking Blue Skies"

Happy weekend, darlings!  Blue skies are all around me today, so I'm wearing this joyful, optimistic lacquer for good luck while seeking a different kind of "blue sky"... a first house!  I didn't even know that is what realtors, or at least, my realtor, call(s) a "property with potential" until he mentioned casually it today.  The prophetic nature of that coincidence didn't quite pan out for today, but this is only the beginning so I'm hopeful for blue skies ahead yet :)

>> Desperately Seeking Blue Skies <<  

"Desperately Seeking Blue Skies" is a glorious forget-me-not sky blue speckled with plum-toned UCC flakies, and glowing with golden rose iridescent glitters and microflakie shimmers that strongly favor magenta sunset shifts.  Blue is not generally considered an uplifting color but this lacquer is most definitely an exception to the rule; I cannot help but feel positive and happy while regarding this bathed-in-sunshine blue.

I used three coats for these swatches.  "Desperately Seeking Blue Skies" applies so smoothly and distributes so evenly that two almost looks like it would do it, but the third really locks it in for brilliant opacity and complex depth.  This polish also dries very quickly (don't you just love Hare Polish formulas?), and on that note doesn't care to be over-manipulated- not that this beautifully buttery polish needs much messing with, unless you accidentally really glop it on like yours truly.  I could tell it was starting to thicken in this dry Rocky Mountain heat on the second coat, but a bit of polish thinner restored it to its happy fluid self right enough :)

"Desperately Seeking Blue Skies" was released with the Stir Crazy Collection this spring 2015, along with swatch mate "On the Road Again" and a few other wanderlust lovelies.  It is currently available at the Etsy shop (yayy!) but you know how quickly these Hares hop off... Llarowe also stocks Hare Polish but I'm not seeing this collection there at present.  Here, do your lacquer stalker thing to hit the restocks just right:

HARE Polish

 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ♥️ <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 

Exit Glacier, Seward, Alaska

Normally we really would have been desperately seeking blue skies in Alaska but oh, not this trip; but for a handful of days it was all sunshine, and in the Land of the Midnight Sun that means all day and almost all night, too.  I don't know if I've ever stayed up until dawn in the subarctic before, and it is rather surreal to watch the sun lapse into a lime-rimmed horizon, only to rise again without ever the clear night sky growing dark.  Even in the stillest moments of earliest morning or latest night, the glowing sky is a dip dye of luminous yellow, green, and blue.  Sublime.

Forget-me-nots along the Exit Glacier / Harding Ice Field trail

Marisa + Sprinklepuff

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  1. What's this? A blue Hare that I neglected to purchase? I recently ordered two other blues, Sparkwood and 21 and Dreams Under a Microscope. I think I better spend some time with them before I make another purchase but this speckled beauty will certainly be on my short list. Lovely swatches and photos, Marisa!