Saturday, July 4, 2015

Hare Polish "I'm Your National Anthem"

Happy Independence Day, American darlings, and a perfectly pleasant July fourth to all others!!  It is a good thing that I had this polish queued up for the occasion because beyond my blue-speckled red claws, nothing else about the day was particularly festive or patriotic.  In fact, like the rest of this month (as you may have noticed) it was for the most part downright lazy- but then, lake days should be!  I only just got back from the lake an hour ago, actually, so it's really remarkable and strange that I've chosen today of all days to pick up my blogging torch again, but hey- today's the day and the only one all year at that, so procrastinating is just going to have to wait.  ;)

>> I'm Your National Anthem <<  

"I'm Your National Anthem" is a cherry popsicle red jelly polish studded with patriotic flakies in ultramarine blue (ultra chrome chameleon) and silvery gold (iridescent mica), and twinkling with a scattered particle holographic shimmer.  I am not generally one for reds, or strong primaries for that matter, but for the sake of the occasion I thought I'd try something a little different, and I have to say, I quite enjoyed it!  There's nothing like bright red nails to make one feel saucy ;)  But there's also the fact that this polish is just such FUN!  I was quite taken with the juicy, sweet, irreverent red, which in true sheer cerise fashion is really a very warm, very hot pink until liberally layered.

The indigo sapphire UCC flakies are very deeply saturated indeed, with a lean towards violet that comprises the normally strongly-shifting character of a chameleon flake, and in indirect lighting will render as shards of midnight blue or black.  The white gold mica flakes, however, glow through the sheer red jelly with a lit-from-within radiance that is really very breathtaking (especially refracted through clear, cold lake water!).  I love the champagne tone of the flakies over the expected white; their blonde old Hollywood glamour really emphasize the classic, retro feel of this vibrant cherry polish.

Holographic effects are new to the Hare Polish arsenal, and I like that Nikole is incorporating this arguably overused* element in a very HARE fashion: as an integral facet of a complex composition rather than relying upon it as a singular object of interest.  (*I personally love love LOVE holo, but one can become used to anything and I do sometimes wonder at collections and lines that are undifferentiated by anything but a holo effect overlaying a base color.  But I digress.)  I'm very excited to see what else Nikole creates with holo, now that it is popping up in these recent limited edition releases, and with suggestion of more to come!

The formula of this polish, as usual for HARE, was really quite superb.  The lacquer flowed in a smooth, even finish, and dried very very quickly, not just to touch but completely (perhaps I should note for context that it is very hot and dry here in the Rockies at present, but even so).  I painted three easy coats, though it was surprisingly opaque after two and even with my pronounced nail line I could have worn it that way if I didn't desire the rich depth of another layer.

For perspective on how quick and easy this mani was to accomplish with this polish: I was able to complete it without incident at a lake cabin with four toddler nephews in full rampage.  Can you imagine if I had gone with a pale-hued crème shimmer??  *Shudder.*

"I'm Your National Anthem" was released as one of a limited edition Lana Del Ray-inspired duo on Memorial Day of this year, but has made a triumphant return on HARE's Etsy shop for this fabulous Fourth, where it retails for $10.  Hop to it if you needs it; they go faster than you can twitch your little nose!

Hare Polish

Marisa + Sprinklepuff

P.S. - Darling Lacquer Slacker Liz also has her "I'm Your National Anthem" on today, and as you'll remember from her guest post for me a few months back she's a dear, so go see her review if you haven't gotten enough HARE today!


  1. I appreciate this very thorough post on this patriotic Hare! Great swatches and macros. I'm also a fan of the champagne vs white flakes :-D

    1. What a genius move, right?! I'm sure if it were me I would have been totally predictable and just used white flakes, but the golden blonde was really inspired.

  2. Ha ha, great minds! So happy to see your post!! How you managed a perfect manicure in the midst of rampaging toddlers is a wonder in this world....

    1. I couldn't believe it, myself. For how young they are they are usually interested in my NOTD, but they were especially intrigued with the blue flakies in this polish, and couldn't fathom how I got them in there, haha! Their elevated interest made this an extra challenge because they kept making concentrated efforts to chip the polish off (so that they could keep it, I suppose), in the usual manner of destructive four-year-olds.